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Wrought Magnesium

Magnesium Elektron offers a complete selection of wrought products in standard forms. Full-scale production occurs at two sites: Magnesium Elektron United Kingdom (MEUK) and Magnesium Elektron North America (MENA).

MEUK has fully integrated extrusion production, including billet casting and in-house recycling. Products include as-cast forging billet, extruded forging billet, extruded custom profiles, rod, bar and weld rod. MEUK’s versatile 2,750-ton press produces extrusions up to 11 inches circle-size from 12-inch-diameter starter billets.

Similarly, MENA produces rolled products in plate, sheet and coil form. Depending on the form required, standard plate and sheet sizes include thicknesses from 0.020 inches to 6 inches; larger thicknesses are also available. MENA offers widths up to 72 inches and lengths over 240 inches, along with coil for applications that require mass production. The facility produces as-cast rectangular slab up to 14 inches thick for block applications.