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Magnesium Recycling

In 2002, Magnesium Elektron created Magnesium Elektron CZ, a business unit in the Czech Republic dedicated specifically to recycling magnesium alloys. From collection of scrap to delivery of magnesium ingots, this recycling service is now used by many of Europe’s leading automotive manufacturers and first-tier suppliers.

Magnesium Elektron CZ focuses on supplying recycled magnesium alloys to the automotive industry, satisfying customer chemical composition requirements by in-house spectrographic analysis and other validation techniques. The Company’s technical and metallurgical staff provides customization services to meet customer requirements for unique magnesium alloy compositions and special ingot forms.

Magnesium Elektron CZ also produces Maglit® 100 and Maglit®100+ a magnesium-rich fertilizer derived from dross processed at its facility. The magnesium-salt dross is transformed into a magnesium oxide product that is not only beneficial to crops and grazing cattle but is also environmentally friendly.