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Forging Alloys


Magnesium Elektron produces magnesium alloys that are specifically designed for forging:

  • ZK60A is the typical legacy magnesium forging alloy. Current and historic uses are in military rotor and aircraft while the largest volume application is forged magnesium wheels for motorsport. This high strength alloy has good corrosion resistance but requires a coating for all applications.
  • AZ80A is the strongest of the AZ alloy family, offering good strength at ambient or medium temperatures up to 120?C (250?f). It has good corrosion resistance and can be forged for good properties. Recent improvements on microstructure and cleanliness makes our AZ80 ideal for high-performance forging applications.
  • Elektron ZW3 is a good forging alloy similar to, but slightly weaker than, ZK60A. It offers improved corrosion performance over ZK60A.
  • Elektron 43 is one of Magnesium Elektron’s new rare-earth containing alloys that have excellent forgeability and high temperature strength.