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Why choose us

The Company

Magnesium Elektron is a division of the Luxfer Group, an international group of businesses that specializes in high performance engineering materials, alloys and semi-fabricated components.  Magnesium Elektron is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high performance magnesium alloys.  The company has been supplying and supporting the world’s leading companies and programmes, both commercial and military, for more than 60 years and we understand the industry’s needs intimately.

What We Do

Our technical expertise and relentless passion to push the boundaries of magnesium alloy technology has resulted in our Technology Centre successfully developing more magnesium alloys than any other company worldwide, opening the door to the world of magnesium for the multiple industries.  No-one knows magnesium like we do.

We supply magnesium alloys in many forms:

  • Ingot and ancillary products for casting
  • Billet, plate and extrusions for forging/machining feedstock
  • Complex extruded profiles
  • Finished components


The Magnesium Elektron Difference

Fully AS/EN 9100:2009 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008 certified, Magnesium Elektron supplies the highest quality magnesium products and services to the aerospace industry worldwide, from our manufacturing locations in UK and USA.  But we don’t just supply great products; we work together flexibly with our industry partners throughout the component life cycle, finding solutions and ensuring their deployment of magnesium is a technical and commercial success.

An example of this, which is now coming into fruition, is the re-introduction of magnesium onto commercial aircraft seats.  As the industry strives to reduce seat weight, enabling improvements in customer comfort and overall experience, Magnesium Elektron has laid the foundations with regulators, created the optimum alloys and developed the necessary downstream processes. Magnesium Elektron is currently working with designers and manufacturers of airline seats, on seat frames that can provide up to a 25% weight saving compared to aluminium alloys presently in use.  Elektron alloys can also be used on other aircraft interior equipment and fixtures.