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Extruded Bar, Rod & Profiles

Magnesium Elektron is a world leader in the development and supply of high quality extruded products. These lightweight alloys are used as forging feedstock, as base material from which to machine components or as custom shapes to integrate directly into a component. Magnesium Elektron operates two dedicated presses to supply a full range of extruded magnesium alloys and we continue to develop new alloys for future applications.


Magnesium Elektron offers extruded round bar from 1/16” [1.6mm] up to 8” [203mm] diameters. Extruded magnesium rectangular sections up to 10” [254mm] wide are produced for machining stock. Complex solid and hollow profiles are produced using the latest extrusion die technology. We supply a worldwide customer base with forging materials, near-finished shape profiles and feedstock for machining. No matter which shape you need, consult us first.

Magnesium Elektron produces extruded magnesium alloys to a variety of specifications and customer requirements. Magnesium extrusions are typically specified by the ASTM B107 specification. This spec defines chemical specifications, minimum mechanical properties and dimensional tolerances for an extruded magnesium product. Standard and custom dies are available. All extruded profiles are considered. We can help bring your idea to reality. (ASTM B107-13 can be downloaded from


Our main Extrusion Alloys are:

  • Elektron 43 – high strength, low flammability, low anisotropy, high corrosion resistance alloy for aerospace, forging and machine from solid applications. Excellent high temperature strength.
  • Elektron 675 – ultra high strength, high corrosion resistance alloy for aerospace, forging and machine from solid applications. Excellent high temperature strength.
  • Elektron 21 – good combination of thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Also offers good elevated temperature performance to (200?C/392?f).
  • ZK60A – high strength legacy alloy used in forging and machine from solid applications.
  • AZ80A – strongest of the AZ alloy family, offering good strength at ambient or medium temperatures(up to 120?C/250?F). Good corrosion resistance. Can also be forged for good properties.
  • AZ61A – a medium strength alloy, useful for fairly complex shapes where strength is important and temperatures do not exceed 120?C/250?F. Good corrosion resistance.
  • AZ31B – standard magnesium extrusion alloy, offering a good combination of medium strength (up to 120?C/250?F) and corrosion resistance, coupled with good extrudability for more complex shapes.
  • Elektron ZW3 – good forging alloy, lower strength and improved corrosion performance than ZK60A.
  • Elektron ZM21 – good formability for complex shapes.
  • M1A – highest damping coefficient material available.
  • Pure Magnesium – good damping properties, but lowest strength. Mechanically soft, used for sputtering and vapor deposition applications