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Cast & Machined Billet


Machined-from-solid components made from our high-performance alloys – including Elektron®21, Elektron®ZK60A, Elektron®AZ80A and Elektron®43 – have become common solutions for many applications requiring lightness of weight and rigidity. Clean and homogeneous, as-cast forging billet and extruded forging billet are produced via Magnesium Elektron’s unique casting process, using over 75 years of technical experience. The billet is applied in similarly demanding motorsport and aerospace end-use applications that rely on precision, dimensional stability and impact resistance. Both in-house and contracted ultrasonic inspection services are available.

Magnesium Elektron also manufactures high quality, Direct Chill Cast 304mm & 330mm diameter billet suitable for demanding wheel forging applications.

All Magnesium Elektron’s cast billet forging feedstock for wheel applications is supplied to the highest possible aerospace cleanness standard. We ultra-sonically test our billet product to: AMS STD 2154A, AA CLASS.

Newly commissioned foundry equipment has achieved a 40% improvement in grain size.  Our DC billet has excellent formability characteristics which reduces rejects and lowers processing costs for operators.  Magnesium Elektron’s DC cast billet is supplied in the homogenised condition with a high quality machined surface finish ready to forge.

In addition to our world beating foundry process, Magnesium Elektron is one of the only successful producers of ZK60, AZ80, WE43 & ZW3 billet.  Our DC cast billet material is used in demanding industries such as: aerospace, motorsport, military and automotive. Billet is supplied in 330mm dia with a fully machined surface; we are able to supply smaller sizes on request.  Max lengths are 2080mm.