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Magnesium Cast Billet and Slab

Magnesium Elektron is a world leader in magnesium alloy technology, our high integrity cast billet and slab products are suitable for safety critical applications such as aero engines, defence products and high end automotive.   Our large cast products are an excellent feedstock for the manufacture of high strength, lightweight near net shape components.

Machined-from-solid and forged components made from our high-performance alloys – including Elektron®21, Elektron®ZK60A, Elektron®AZ80A,  RotaMag and Elektron®43 – have become common solutions for many applications requiring lightness of weight and rigidity.

In addition to our world beating foundry process, Magnesium Elektron is one of the only successful producers of ZK60, AZ80, WE43 & ZW3 billet.

All Magnesium Elektron’s cast product is supplied to the highest possible aerospace cleanness standard. We ultra-sonically test our billet product to: AMS STD 2154C, AA CLASS, immersion.