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3C (computer, communication, consumer) market

In the 3C (computer, communication, consumer) market, magnesium alloys are used for thixomolding[1] and die-casting, and rolled magnesium sheet is used to manufacture various components.

Magnesium has become an increasingly popular material for manufacturing laptop computers and tablets, cellular telephones, cameras and speaker cones. Due to its high strength, durability and lightness of weight, magnesium is ideal for slimmer, lighter-weight laptop designs. The material also provides rapid heat dissipation needed to cope with faster, hotter processors. Also important for 3C applications are magnesium’s electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

[1] Thixomolding is similar to injection molding. Magnesium alloy chips are fed into a heated barrel maintained under an argon atmosphere to prevent oxidation of the magnesium. The chips are fed forward and heated into a semi-solid slurry that is injected into a steel die.