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Magnesium Elektron has recently developed a new magnesium alloy that meets several critical requirements for the Oil & Gas industry. SoluMag® is a high strength, high corrosion-rate magnesium alloy, developed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry and targeted initially at hydraulic fracturing. SoluMag® magnesium alloy has high compression and tensile strengths to hold pressure in demanding, sliding sleeve ball seat equipment.

SoluMag® also has a corrosion rate superior to other materials to allow for complete dissolution in brine environments once its functional life is over. This new material doesn’t require acid or other aggressive chemicals to dissolve and will completely dissolve in frack fluids during the flow-back portion of the process. This combination of properties (high strength and high corrosion rate) was developed based on Magnesium Elektron’s extensive knowledge of magnesium alloys and how these materials function in severe applications. Contact Magnesium Elektron to discuss how SoluMag® can work in your process or how we can develop magnesium alloy materials to solve your particular need.



SoluMag, UK Patent No 2529062B. July 2015