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We have a team of fifteen researchers carrying out our research and development activities; mainly based at the Magnesium Technology Centre and some with our partner universities. Our team has over one hundred years collective experience in magnesium processing technology and alloy development.  This experience is further complimented by in-house, PhD qualified, biomaterials expertise.  All research and development programmes within the portfolio are supported by a team of quality assurance and process engineering professionals.

The depth and breadth of our technical expertise is what distinguishes our company and largely determines our success.  Market led research, technical expertise and a relentless passion to push the metallurgical boundaries of magnesium alloy technology has resulted in our Technology Centre successfully developing more speciality Magnesium alloys than any other company worldwide.

A major programme within our research and development portfolio is the development and commercialisation of our SynerMag® magnesium bioresorbable technologies. We have been actively involved in bioresorbable technologies since 2005. This activity has focused on alloy development and processing which has been ably supported by in-vitro university activities sponsored by Magnesium Elektron.

Our team members are passionate about their developments and are delighted by the successful commercialisation of the first bioresorbable metallic cardiovascular device, which uses Elektron SynerMag alloy technology. We look forwards to further successful applications of SynerMag alloys and technology in the bioresorbable market sector.