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The last decade has seen a significant increase in the amount of research being undertaken on bioresorbable materials, particularly in the fields of orthopaedic trauma fixation and vascular intervention, There are a broad range of mechanical and degradation properties available for bioresorbable materials.

Tensile strength (MPa) 30 – 40 210 220
E-Modulus (GPA) 1.2 – 3.0 200 44
Elongation (%) 2 – 6 40 2
Total Degradation Time 2 – 3 years >4 years 9 – 12 months

* Ranter B.D., et al, editors: Biomaterials Science, An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd edition (2004).

** Hermawan H, et al: Acta Biomateriala 6 (2010, 1693 – 1697).

For several years we have been actively working on the development and production of bioresorbable magnesium alloys at our Magnesium Technology Centre in Manchester, UK. The work has involved extensive research into numerous alloy systems and the development of novel manufacturing technologies.

Example of SynerMag® alloy Tensile properties: (Preliminary Data)

(MPa) (MPa) (%)
190-220 260-320 20-35

Size range for the above is 7 – 16mm-dia bar.

In conducting our research, we have worked in close collaboration with our university network and a number of leading medical device companies in Europe, Japan and North America. Through these collaborative programmes, the new Elektron SynerMag® range of bioresorbable alloy technologies has already undergone considerable in-vitro, in-vivo and in some cases clinical evaluations. Biotronik have commercialised the first bioresorbable CE approved, metallic cardiovascular scaffold – Magmaris.  A SynerMag® alloy system is used as the structural platform material in the Magmaris Scaffold.

The Biomaterials team at Magnesium Elektron have developed a White Paper examining the revolutionary use of Magnesium Alloys in the cardiovascular and orthopaedic global marketplace.

The BIOTRONIK Case Study demonstrates how this ground breaking technology has been brought to a commercial marketplace.

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