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As a biomaterial, magnesium has been researched for nearly a century due to its mechanical strength, physiological compatibility and it’s bioresorbable characteristics1.  In the last decade new magnesium alloys have been developed for use in the areas such as cardiovascular intervention and osteosynthesis. More recently, Magnesium alloys are now seeing initial use in some of these applications.

The latest Elektron SynerMag® alloy and technology developments, aim to establish a new platform technology in the field of bioresorbable metallic materials.

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Osteoblasts on SynerMag magnesium alloy – indicating good biocompatibility

  1. Castellani C. Bone–implant interface strength and osseointegration: Biodegradable magnesium alloy versus standard titanium control, Acta Biomaterialia 7 (2011) 432–440