High-performance motorsports


For many years, the worldwide motorsport industry has recognized major advantages of using sand-cast, high-performance magnesium alloys originally developed for the aerospace industry and Magnesium Elektron alloys remain popular with Formula 1 racing teams. The low weight and high strength-to-weight ratio of these alloys provide racing teams with a competitive advantage. Magnesium Elektron produces a range of patented, high strength alloys, in cast / wrought form:

  • Elektron 21 – often used in transmission casings
  • Elektron 43 and Elektron WE54 – typically for structural engine and chassis components
  • Elektron 675 – for chassis and hydraulic applications

These alloys are particularly popular due to excellent performance under high operating stresses and temperatures.

Magnesium Elektron also manufactures high quality, Direct Chill Cast billet in a range of sizes suitable for demanding wheel forging applications.

Magnesium Elektron’s newly commissioned foundry equipment has achieved a 40% improvement in grain size. Our DC billet has excellent formability characteristics which reduces rejects and lowers processing costs for operators. Magnesium Elektron’s DC cast billet is supplied in the homogenized condition with a high quality machined surface finish ready to forge. In addition to our world beating foundry process, Magnesium Elektron is one of the only successful producers of ZK60, AZ80, WE43 & ZW3 billet. Our DC cast billet material is used in demanding industries such as: aerospace, motorsport, military and automotive. Maximum lengths are 2080mm.