Magnesium Elektron alloys are used on many current aircraft engines. Our Elektron 21, Elektron 43, Elektron EZ33 and Elektron ZE41 alloys are found in transmissions and structures on jet engines such as Rolls-Royce RB-211, RRA-3000, RB.183 Tay, BR710 and others. New, highly efficient turboprop engines incorporate these alloys in many structural parts and in integrated reduction gearboxes, including those found on Pratt & Whitney PW-100/150 series and PT-6 engines and Garrett AiResearch TPE331 engines used on many commuter aircraft.

Elektron magnesium alloys are also used structurally or as casting materials for many ancillary aircraft components, including constant speed drives (CSDs), integrated drive generators (IGDs) and auxiliary power units (APUs).

Elektron ZE41 and Elektron WE43 alloys are materials of choice for transmission housings of many commercial helicopters, including models made by McDonnell Douglas, Sikorsky, Bell, Airbus Helicopters and Agusta Westland.

In 2013, Elektron 43 magnesium alloy passed rigorous tests conducted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Fire Test Working Group, which subsequently lifted long-standing restrictions on the use of magnesium alloys in commercial aircraft interiors – provided that alloys meet “special conditions” already met by Elektron 43, which has become the standard. Magnesium Elektron is currently working with designers and manufacturers of airline seats on seat frames that can provide up to a 25% weight savings compared to aluminum alloys now in use. Magnesium alloys could also be used on other aircraft interior equipment and fixtures.