Elektron® 43

What is Elektron® 43?

  • Elektron® 43:  The latest wrought magnesium aerospace alloy
  • Optimised wrought version of WE43 class of alloys (ASTM designation WE43C)
  • WE43B:  Well known sand casting alloy used in many high performance applications
  • Elektron® 43: Available as plate, extrusion, forging stock
  • Elektron® 43: High specific strength, high strain hardening behaviour and excellent energy absorption characteristics
  • Strain rate up to 500/s generated at specialist test house

Elektron® 43 Specifications

  • ASTM Designation “WE43C”
  • UNS#: M18434
  • AMS Specification
    • AMS 4371 – Magnesium Alloy, Plate Precipitation Heat Treated
    • AMS 4485 Magnesium Alloy, Extrusions Precipitation Heat Treated
  • MMPDS:
    • Extrusion data in vs8 of handbook
    • Plate data in vs9 of handbook
    • Contains -A and -B basis statistical minima