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The aerospace industry has long recognized the benefits of high-performance magnesium alloys for reducing weight in fuselage structures and aircraft skins, interior appliances, aero engine frames and components, helicopter transmissions and aircraft wheels.  For these and other applications in both commercial and military aircraft, demand is rising for advanced higher-performance, high temperature Elektron magnesium alloys that are also corrosion-resistant and ignition-resistant.

Magnesium’s weight advantage over aluminium (aluminium is 50% heavier) makes it an attractive alternative, especially now that higher fuel costs and increasingly stringent environmental requirements are driving aerospace initiatives to reduce weight and carbon dioxide emissions.  In addition, durable lightweight magnesium components cost less than those made from carbon graphite composite materials.

Magnesium Elektron’s versatile, high-performance magnesium alloys offer aircraft component designers high-temperature characteristics, pressure tightness and the ability to produce complex shapes by casting, machining, extruding or forging.  These alloys enable engines and power transmission systems to run safely at higher temperatures without gear misalignment or the need to seal the component against oil seepage.