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Luxfer Magnesium Products Design Guide – Second Edition Published

Luxfer MEL Technologies and Luxfer Magnesium Rolled Products are pleased to announce the publication of Second Edition of “Designing with Elektron® Magnesium Alloys”. This updated version of the Design Guide (first published in 2012) contains an additional 30 pages of information relating to the uses and properties of Luxfer’s Magnesium Alloys.

The 15 Sections of the Guide contain information on:

  • Why Use Magnesium
  • Alloys and Applications
  • Castings
  • Flat Rolled Products
  • Extrusions
  • Machining & Cutting
  • Joining
  • Forming
  • Corrosion & Surface Treatment
  • Flammability
  • Designing from Aluminium to Magnesium

This latest update includes new information on

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Applications of SoluMag & SynerMag
  • High Strain Rate Behaviour
  • The Certification of Magnesium in Commercial Aircraft
  • Finite Element Modelling for Cast Products
  • Machining Behaviour
  • Forging of Elektron® 43



The Design Guide is available on-line by registering at or by a link from The on-line version of the guide is now searchable. Hard copies can be obtained by registering your full mailing address on-line.