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Growth in manufacturing industries together with an age profile that is increasing will lead to skillshortages and all evidence is that is happening now!

At Magnesium Elektron UK we began our Apprenticeship program in 2012 following a comprehensive review of the skills gaps that would arise as our strategic projects move from concept toward manufacture. The “quick” solution of recruiting the appropriate skills from the open job market was proving very difficult, in some cases nearer to being impossible. So the decision was made to recruit apprentices and develop the skills through a formal apprenticeship program and more importantly have the opportunity to instil the values and culture we expect in our organisation.


Today we have seven apprentices ranging from year one to year four where the two in year four are Engineering based( Luke Glover and Calam Williamson), the two in year 2 are focused on Design Engineering and CNC Programming and Operating (Ellis Rogers and Kian Ghanian)and the three in year one are focused on Engineering, Foundry technicians and NDT specialists (Michael Secombe, Daniel Melody and Dean Hatton) . All are carrying out the appropriate NVQ modules to support the projected end skills.

We take great pride in making sure our apprentices are in positions to show their skills both internally and to the outside world and two examples are shown here where Lord Digby Jones (on a recent site visit) is captured in conversation with a selection of apprentices.029b

We were also fortunate enough to receive an invitation for two apprentices and their Supervisor and Manager to represent Magnesium Elektron at the ADS session in London that focused on apprentices in the Aerospace industry. ADS hosted this successful reception in June 2015 at the Houses of Parliament to celebrate the important role of apprenticeships across the UK’s Aerospace, Defense, Security and Space Industries. More than 70 apprentices were in attendance to represent 9,000 which span all of ADS’ sectors. The apprentices were also joined by over 60 parliamentarians, 7 government ministers, two shadow cabinet members and the chairs of BIS, Defense and Science and Technology Select Committees. Below Kian Ghanian and Luke Glover are photographed looking rather smart and joined by their Supervisor and Manager Dave Cooke and Keith Thomason are pictured at the ADS reception with Rebecca Long Bailey MP.

The program is going really well and the overall quality of young people who are eager to enter into apprenticeships is really high. We are committed to their further training and encourage all of them to go on to HNC , HND and Degree. (Both year four apprentices are currently engaged in HNC or HND studies).boys-are-back-in-town-1

Finally, a few statistics from the EEF (Engineering Employers Federation) that support some of the views above.



We are currently recruiting a Higher Level Materials Engineer Apprentice. To find out more about how you can become one of our apprentices, please click here.