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What we do

key-facts-7Magnesium Elektron specialises in developing, manufacturing and supplying magnesium products to technology industries worldwide.

We serve a global customer base from manufacturing operations in Swinton, England; Lakehurst, New Jersey USA; Madison, Illinois USA; Findlay, Ohio USA; Cincinnati, Ohio USA; Riverhead, New York USA; Tamaqua, Pennsylvania USA; Ontario, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada; and Louka u Litvínova, Czech Republic.

Throughout our history, Magnesium Elektron has pushed metallurgical boundaries of magnesium alloy technology, taking maximum advantage of magnesium’s unique chemical, physical and mechanical properties. Our products have been used in many legacy and specialized applications:

key-facts-2Corrosion-resistant and ignition-resistant magnesium alloys – Magnesium Elektron has developed newer-generation, high-performance alloys that provide improved corrosion resistance and ignition resistance in demanding environments to which aircraft components are frequently exposed. Our Elektron® 43 alloy offers such excellent resistance to both corrosion and ignition that it passed rigorous testing by the United States Federal Aviation Administration, which led the FAA to certify magnesium alloys for passenger aircraft cabin applications, including seating, in 2013. In fact, the current FAA flammability certification test was developed using Elektron 43 as the standard.

High-temperature and high-property magnesium alloys – Our lightweight structural magnesium alloys are used in critical aerospace, automotive and military applications, including helicopter transmissions, jet engine transmissions, generator housings, power-takeoff systems and other types of equipment that run at high temperatures.

Bkey-facts-3iomedical applications – Working with research universities and medical industry partners, Magnesium Elektron developed its patented Synermag® magnesium alloy for biomedical applications. An essential nutrient for the human body, magnesium supports vascular and bone health. Since the chemistry of human tissue will dissolve and absorb solid magnesium pieces over time, magnesium is an ideal material for vascular stents that will open clogged arteries and eventually dissolve after passageways are clear. Synermag® splints, screws and other fasteners used to repair and reconstruct bones will also dissolve when healing is complete.

Ultra-fine magnesium powders – Magnesium Elektron is the leading producer of magnesium powders used in military flare systems, including illumination flares and infrared countermeasure (IRCM) flares that protect aircraft from heat-seeking missile attack.

biomed-rods_0Magnesium armor plate – Elektron alloys are being evaluated for use in lightweight military armor systems to protect ground personnel vehicles. Magnesium Elektron developed the first military specification for magnesium-alloy armor as part of a U.S. government-funded program.

Graphic arts – Magnesium Elektron photoengraving plate is used to produce high-quality printed media such as greeting cards, premium labels and decorative packaging (for example, for beverage containers and luxury goods). The company also supplies copper, zinc and brass plates for this application along with a full line of chemicals and ancillary equipment.

Seawater-activated batteries – Elektron alloys are used in seawater-activated batteries for demanding military applications, including powering sonobuoys (sonar buoys that locate and track submarines) and driving torpedoes, including the Stingray torpedo used by the British Royal Navy.

news8Nuclear fuel cans – Elektron alloys were used to clad uranium fuel used in Magnox nuclear reactors in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world.

Recycling – Recycling metals is now an essential environmental and economic practice, and Magnesium Elektron has recycling capability at all our production facilities. In 2002, we created Magnesium Elektron CZ, a business unit in the Czech Republic dedicated specifically to recycling magnesium alloys.