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Key facts

  • Magnesium Elektron was established in 1936 in Swinton, England, by IG Farben and FA Hughes/ICI.


  • Magnesium Elektron holds more patents on magnesium alloys than any other company in the world.


  • The British Aluminium Company Ltd (BA) acquired Magnesium Elektron in 1955.  BA was acquired in 1959 by a joint venture between Reynolds Metals Company and Tube Investments (later TI Group).


  • Alcan Aluminium UK Ltd acquired BA in 1982 and renamed it British Alcan Ltd, of which Magnesium Elektron was an operating unit.


  • Magnesium Elektron acquired Reade Manufacturing, a producer of magnesium powders, in 1990.


  • In 1996, Alcan sold British Alcan, including Magnesium Elektron, to a group of investors, including several former Alcan managers. The new owners briefly resurrected the name British Aluminium for their new company but a year later renamed it Luxfer Group to reflect the company’s global identity.


  • Magnesium Elektron acquired Hart Metals, another producer of magnesium powders, in 1998.


  • Magnesium Elektron acquired Niagara Metallurgical Products Ltd., a producer of location has a State-of-the-Art magnesium powders and flameless heaters for pre-cooked meals, in 1998.


  • Magnesium Elektron established Magnesium Elektron CZ in the Czech Republic in 2002 to recycle magnesium.


  • Magnesium Elektron acquired Spectrulite Consortium, a producer of wrought products and photoengraving plate, in 2003. This company now operates as Magnesium Elektron North America (MENA).


  • Magnesium Elektron acquired Revere Graphics, a producer of photoengraving metal products and chemicals, in 2007.


  • In 2014, Luxfer Group established Luxfer Magtech Inc. (LMI), a new company operating as a stand-alone business within Magnesium Elektron Powders. The same year, LMI acquired the assets and businesses of Truetech, Inc., and Innotech Products, Inc., producers of magnesium-iron heaters for meals and beverages, chemical agent detection and decontamination kits and seawater desalination technology.


  • Magnesium Elektron operates nine manufacturing facilities in England, the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic.

For information about financial performance, please refer to the Investor Relations section of the Luxfer Group website: