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About Us

Magnesium Elektron has led the magnesium industry since our company was founded in Swinton, England, in 1936.

We have been involved in every aspect of magnesium metal, starting with primary production using the Pidgeon process[1], and then moving to ingot, plate, sheet, particulate, billet, extrusions and purpose-built fabricated forms. Over the years, Magnesium Elektron ceased being just another primary supplier of magnesium and began focusing on developing, manufacturing and supplying unique high-performance magnesium alloys—many of which are patented or proprietary—for a diverse range of applications that benefit from our innovative materials and ongoing research.

[1] This silicothermic process, used to produce magnesium metal from ores, was invented in the early 1940s by Dr. Lloyd Pidgeon of the Canadian National Research Council (NRC).