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Copper engraving plates

Magnesium Elektron’s premium Revere Copper brand has set the industry standard in copper engraving technology for nearly two centuries, offering high-end engravers the premium-grade copper necessary for the most sophisticated requirements. Cross-rolled and thermally flattened, our uniformly stress-relieved copper yields a harder, flatter engraving plate. Gauge and finish tolerances are strictly monitored to provide the copper engraver with unparalleled quality and consistency.

Copper is ideal for long-run jobs demanding high-precision fine details, whether for single or multi-level embossing or debossing dies, foil stamping or intaglio engraving. Copper also offers a prestige look for architectural signage and award plaques. Our copper plates are available with Hydro-Coat®, Hydro-Solve® or POS-E-COP (Conta)® coatings. Non-sensitized (“polished”) sheets are also available.

Our Copper-Chem® is a laboratory-grade, precision-blended package of low-dusting, safer-to-use etch additive powders. Our superior Test Target clearly conveys additive strength and ensures additive addition accuracy to within five grams through a mathematical formula. Combined with developers specifically designed for each coating, our system produces high-end results efficiently and consistently.