Products & Services

Magnesium Elektron understands the challenges faced by today’s design engineers; such as weight reduction initiatives driven by higher fuel costs, the drive for energy efficiency and reductions in COemissions for environmental reasons.  The weight advantage over aluminium is becoming increasingly important, so too the ease with which to produce complex critical structures and reduce cost.  Magnesium is an excellent alternative in the field of advanced materials for high performance systems.

Magnesium Elektron extruded alloy technology offers an unrivalled strength to weight ratio.  Weight savings of up to 33% compared to typical aluminium designs are possible by using magnesium technology.    Magnesium Elektron offers supply chain management from design consultation to manufacture and surface protection solutions.  Contact one of our team members at the bottom of this page to discuss your design today.

Magnesium Elektron is able to provide highly customised engineering solutions to our markets and customers through a dedicated 2,750t hydraulic extrusion press.   Magnesium Elektron is able to manufacture custom round bars, profiles and solid or hollow shapes.