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Wrought Magnesium Alloys

Magnesium Elektron has a direct chill casting facility, two magnesium extrusion presses and rolling mills capable of producing an extensive range of magnesium extrusions, billet and sheet products. The flexibility of our manufacturing operations enables bespoke production for commercial and speciality requirements.

Wrought Magnesium Alloys

Wrought magnesium alloys are produced in a range of product forms. Extruded magnesium bars, sections and tubes are widely used in aerospace, nuclear, automotive and other engineering applications. Magnesium Elektron has recently invested in a new extrusion press to expand our capabilities. Rolled magnesium sheet and magnesium plate are produced for seawater batteryphotoengraving (PE), space, production tooling and jigging, automotive and ICT applications. Magnesium forgings are used primarily for aerospace applications.  From magnesium forging materials, machining feedstock or finished parts right from the extrusion press, Magnesium Elektron will fulfill your requirements.

The Mg-Al-Zn wrought alloy range which includes Elektron ® AZ31, Elektron ® AZM and Elektron ® AZ80 are used in photoengraving (PE), power generation, defence, and ICT applications. Elektron® ZW3 and Elektron ® ZK60 were developed as high strength magnesium extrusion and magnesium forging alloys and are used in aerospace applications including helicopter gearbox parts and wheels. For ultimate properties, the yttrium containing alloys, Elektron ® WE43 and Elektron ® WE54 were developed for use up to 300°C.

Wrought Magnesium Alloys

In order to challenge the properties developed by advanced aluminium alloys, Elektron® 675 was developed as a lightweight, high temperature wrought alloy for extrusion, forging or plate applications. With strength in excess of wrought 2000 and 7000 series aluminium above 100oC, this groundbreaking magnesium technology offers a new dimension for designers.  At 200oC, yield strength is 290MPa, and the ultimate tensile strength is 380 MPa, a significant leap above the properties offered by Elektron® WE43 or WE54.  Magnesium Elektron supplies extruded Elektron® 675 in a wide range of sizes, and Elektron 675 has also been successfully forged, with forging temperatures in the range of 350oC to 500oC. Hydraulic forging presses are most suitable, using either open or closed dies. Elektron® 675 responds to a post-forge ageing heat treatment at between 150oC and 250oC, with the best response between 200oC and 250oC, depending on the balance of properties required. Rolled plate or sheet product development has not yet been completed. Elektron®675 is available for those looking for solutions to the most demanding lightweight applications.

More recently, Magnesium Elektron has advanced this wrought alloy family by introducing Elektron® 43.  Flow stress data coupled with FEA computer modelling has supported a fast track alloy development programme to optimise Elektron 43 for extrusion, forging and rolling processes. This new wrought alloy evolution offers a significant improvement in properties over the original Elektron WE alloys, meaning it is the ideal choice for high quality machining or forging feedstock, as well as near net shape extruded profiles to integrate easily with our customer's components. Elektron 43 also forms the basis for the next generation of magnesium plate and sheet.  

The full range of magnesium extrusion alloys is now available from Magnesium Elektron, from standard alloys and hard to find legacy aerospace alloys up to the high performance Elektron® alloys. Magnesium Elektron offers magnesium extruded bar from 1/16” (1.6mm) diameter up to 9” (230mm) diameter, and magnesium extruded rectangular sections up to 11” (280mm) wide.  Any shape can be considered, whether it is a solid, a single-hollow or a multi-hollow profile.

Elektron® magnesium bar, section, billet and sheet products are supplied to the latest international quality standards including ISO 9001:2000 and ASTM B107-07.

Wrought Magnesium Alloys

In conjunction with other Luxfer Group companies, Superform Aluminium and Superform USA , Magnesium Elektron has developed AZ31B-H24 sheet for superplastic forming applications which compares favourably in both formability and post forming properties with aluminium alloy AA5083, widely used in automotive and other transport applications. For further information on the process and the potential weight saving benefits, or on the developments with Elektron 43 plate and sheet, please download the data sheet ' Superplastic Magnesium Sheet ' or contact us at:

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