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Magnesium Elektron’s ‘Elektron®43’ Alloy

Magnesium Elektron’s ‘Elektron®43’ Alloy | Magnesium Elektron

Lightening the Load in Aircraft Interiors. The use of Magnesium alloy in commercial aircraft interiors has been the subject of an FAA task group investigation since 2007.

The question has always been, ‘Can magnesium be safely used in a cabin application?’ The weight saving benefits are obvious – particularly in an environment of high fuel costs, restricted CO2 emissions and increasing demands on the airframe. Authorities such as the FAA need to be convinced that levels of safety are not reduced – which is why certain alloys have been the subject of exhaustive development and testing for the past six years. Flammability testing now shows that Elektron®43 magnesium alloy produced no measurable adverse or hazardous environment compared to the standard aluminium containing coach seats. Magnesium Elektron’s presence at this year’s show is more significant than ever. With FAA testing complete and the development of a lab scale test procedure finalised, the FAA will now allow magnesium in aircraft seats, providing requirements and conditions set out in the Special Conditions are satisfied. This is good news for airframers, airline operators, and interiors manufacturers – particularly those involved in seating, where the best potential for weight savings can be found.