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Magnesium Elektron makes debut with revolutionary bioresorbable alloy solutions and capabilities at upcoming MD&M East 2017 conference

22 May 2017, MANCHESTER, England— Magnesium Elektron, a global materials technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance materials, will be showcasing its state-of-the-art biomedical material capabilities and discussing its SynerMag alloy product, in its debut on booth #1982 at MD&M East (June 13th – 15th) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, USA. Magnesium Elektron provides bioresorbable alloy technologies which can be used as a structural material in healthcare, biomedical and veterinary applications, and have been successfully used within a CE marked cardiovascular scaffold.
Magnesium Elektron has worked extensively on developing resorbable alloys which ensure stable corrosion and degradation rates. Magnesium Elektron’s SynerMag product allows medical devices to resorb at a steady rate and is osteoconductive, which means that it promotes bone growth. It is typically twice the strength of other bioresorbable materials, such as polymers, which is necessary in highly strenuous applications, such as bone repair. Magnesium Elektron can also tailor alloys to suit each application’s need.
Magnesium Elektron provides the industry with one of the latest material developments, as well as solutions for solving tough application challenges. As a new market solution, SynerMag is bioresorbable, demonstrates biosafety and biocompatibility and can be advantageously used within the body due to its beneficial properties. Alternative material solutions made from permanent materials, such as titanium or stainless steel, do not resorb, requiring removal. Other resorbable materials can take between two-four years to resorb, whereas SynerMag can be designed to resorb in approximately 12 months. New SynerMag alloys are continuing to be developed, and the latest version of this product will become available in the near future.
Paul Lyon, Programme Technology Manager at Magnesium Elektron comments “We are excited to be making our debut at MD&M East this year, showcasing our capabilities and discussing our material solutions. Magnesium Elektron’s alloys are ideally suited to medtech applications and provide a revolutionary bioresorbable solution which can be customized for each individual requirement. Our products for these applications are also manufactured in our ISO 13485 certified, dedicated manufacturing facility, incorporating state-of-the-art laboratories, casting, extrusion and heat-treatment facilities. We have already had success with SynerMag used as the structural material in the world’s first clinically proven bioresorbable metallic coronary scaffold to be brought to market and we hope to be able to support more companies through the R&D process to commercialization, providing them with a tailor-made resorbable solution. We are also excited to be developing new SynerMag alloy products with further capabilities, which will be launched in the near future.”
As the critical back bone of BIOTRONIK’s Magmaris cardiovascular scaffold, SynerMag is already supporting the treatment of coronary heart disease, which is the blockage or narrowing of arteries caused through the build up of fat deposits along the artery wall and which can be fatal and lead to
cardiac arrest if not treated. Magmaris offers a life-saving solution to patients suffering from coronary heart disease before resorbing into the body.
For more information about Magnesium Elektron, its biomedical products, including SynerMag, and its applications, visit booth #1982 at MD&M East from June 13th – 15th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, USA, where a member of the team will be happy to provide information and answer any questions. For details prior to the event, please visit the Magnesium Elektron website and download the new whitepaper about magnesium alloys in healthcare applications, or to read more about how BIOTRONIK successfully brought its product to market in partnership with Magnesium Elektron, access the case study here.