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Magnesium Elektron are truly the experts in magnesium and participate in virtually every market in which magnesium is employed. We are specialists in high performance magnesium alloys used in aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment and all structural applications requiring high specification, strength and temperature capabilities. Our products are also used in the metal production, chemical and refractory markets where the mechanical properties are of no concern. Recent advances in corrosion and ignition resistance has taken our products into new aerospace and medical applications where magnesium alloys were never employed before. In summary, if magnesium is used in a market somewhere, Magnesium Elektron has a product and is often leading the field in the technology in that area.

Further Magnesium Elektron goes beyond magnesium on its own and is involved in several peripheral markets and products. These include chemicals, additives and equipment to support the graphic arts industry. As an adjunct to our defense business we produce non-magnesium products that, for example, are used for protective countermeasure flares production. Our involvement with products designed to give our soldiers and disaster relief first responders a hot meal has led us into other products to support our troops such as chemical agent and decontamination and seawater desalination kits.

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