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The Biomaterials team at Magnesium Elektron have developed a White Paper examining the revolutionary use of Magnesium Alloys in the cardiovascular and orthopaedic global marketplace.

The BIOTRONIK Case Study demonstrates how this ground breaking technology has been brought to a commercial marketplace.

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White Paper – Using Bioresorbable Magnesium Alloys in Medical Devices

“Does its job and disappears”

The purpose of surgical implants is to support tissue regeneration and provide optimal healing opportunities, allowing the patient to return to full function in an acceptable timeframe.

Traditional permanent implants typically produced from titanium and stainless steel, although successful can lead to complications and require a secondary operation to remove (Alpert and Seligson, 1996). Within the vascular intervention area, permanent stents also include risks of thrombosis, neointimal tissue growth and vessel caging causing abnormal vasomotion (Agawal, 2002). Bioresorbable polymers negate the need for removal, yet low strength limits their applications and can cause such issues as foreign body reactions.

Biodegradable materials, such as magnesium alloys, achieve optimal healing by resorbing into the body, as surrounding tissue replaces the implant. One example of use for biodegradable implants is in orthopaedic bone support/fixations here they are useful in applications when only temporary support is needed for the healing process of tissue. Bioabsorbable implants are developed to resorb as the mechanical function of the tissue is rebuilt, linking as closely as possible to the natural healing process of the body.

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Case Study

Pioneering magnesium alloy developed by Magnesium Elektron features in BIOTRONIK’s bioresorbable coronary scaffold

Why every medical device manufacturer needs magnesium alloys in their arsenal

Magnesium Elektron has shown through its partnership with BIOTRONIK that it brings a unique ability to partner and produce custom-made magnesium alloys from concept through to commercial scale-up. BIOTRONIK’s partnership with Magnesium Elektron has proven to be a success, with both parties overcoming challenges on the route to production.
Mr. Wardlow concluded “We are delighted that our partnership with BIOTRONIK has been a success and we are looking forward to continuing our work with other medical device companies; partnering from concept through to production. The use of our vastly skilled team, with experience in research and development across a number of sectors, allows supportive and highly collaborative partnerships to be formed and bespoke agreements for each individual client to suit their needs.

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